How does it work? PCBs are crazy for fat, and when you consume olestra or other fats, the chemicals grab onto it with enthusiasm. But “unlike other fats, olestra is not digested, and therefore isn’t absorbed into the body after it’s consumed. In other words,nikerosheflyknitaustralia when olestra makes its (unpleasant) exit, the PCBs are happy to go with it.Still, Pringles clearly aren’t a superfood, and olestra’s ability to help sweep away lipid loving substances means it can also deplete the body’s stores of fat soluble nutrients like vitamins A, D, E, and K, says registered dietician Michelle Dudash. Plus, there are healthier ways to avoid PCBs, which are found mostly in large, fatty fish (the chemicals were banned in 1979, but are still found in the water).


More from Prevention: The Cleanest Packaged Snack Foods You Can Buy,The information presented on this website is not intended as specific medical advice and is not a substitute for professional medical treatment or diagnosis. Read our Medical Advice Notice.Olga Berggolts Will Not Be Forgotten,Maria Fyodorovna Berggolts, 89, is the only surviving family member of poet and blockade era radio voice, Olga Berggolts. Puttering among the books cluttering her intelligentsia style apartment with a view of the Neva River, she endlessly recites, with heartfelt intonation and longing, the hundreds of her sister’s poems that she knows by heart.Listening to her at these moments it is easy to imagine the voice of her sister, Olga, born in 1910, nike backpack broadcasting on the one working radio station during the blockade of Leningrad, a solitary familiar voice that many survivors have reported literally kept them alive during those dark and lean days.

From her microphone straight into the barricaded apartments of the besieged city, Olga read her own poems and those of other poets, delivered news about bombings or fires in the city, and, above all, encouraged the besieged Leningraders to hold on to their last hope of life.She was always admonishing us,” Maria said of her older sister in an interview with The St. Petersburg Times.She forbade us from getting lice, telling us nike boots to wash our hair even when there was no warm water and it was 40 degrees below zero outside.I think Olga meant for us not only to fight against lice, but for the whole idea [of surviving],” Maria continued. “As long as you were strong enough to wash your hair, even if you were starving, you would survive.


But before the war, Olga had problems with the Communist Party, her sister said. Originally an idealistic activist, she was ousted from the party in the 1930s and even jailed by the NKVD, forerunner to the KGB, for a year for “unreliability to the party.” Olga was bereft without the party, said Maria, alone and shunned.Olga was pregnant with her third child when the NKVD swooped down in 1937 and arrested her. She was questioned and tortured, her sister said, and eventually gave birth to a stillborn child. It would have been her third after Irina, from her first short marriage nike careers to the poet Boris Kornilov, and Maya, from her second marriage to literary scholar Mikhail Molchanov.



Olive Oil Myths,Marinate on this:You might think you know a lot about olive nike discount code oil, but your favorite heart healthy pan slicker is more complex than it looks. Not only is olive oil one of the most fradulent foods, but we often don’t even know how the basics, like how to tell the good from the bad.We caught up with Selina Wang, PhD, research director at the University of California, Davis Olive Center, who helped us debunk the biggest olive oil misconceptions.nikerosherunaustralia Do you slip up on these 8 common olive oil myths?

Myth: Supermarket olive oil is fresh”A lot of times, when the imported oil gets to us, it’s 3 years old,” says Dr. Wang. Time degrades the healthy compounds think of it as fresh squeezed juice from the olive fruit that’s better consumed sooner rather than later. Look for brands that include a harvest date to ensure freshness. It’s advice that’s familiar and totally wrong. “It’s completely crazy,” Dr. Wang says. Fresh, high quality oil actually has a higher smoke point, so it’s important to cook with the freshest.Myth: You can tell a good olive oil by its colorColor’s got nothing to do with quality. But half of the respondents in a UC Davis Olive Center survey of more than 2,000 consumers were sure that they could tell a good oil by its hue. Who can blame them, when the pretty elixir comes in such fancy clear bottles?


Ironically, those pretty glass bottles might do more harm than good, since olive oil degrades in the light. Choose brands with a large label that covers almost all of the container, or one that comes in a tin (we love Zoe’s.) “If the oil comes in a clear bottle, I wrap the oil in aluminum foil,” Dr. Wang says.Myth: It’s cool to store it on your counterNope. Since olive oil oxidizes in light, it’s best to store it in a dark cabinet, says Dr. Wang.Myth: You shouldn’t saut with olive oilYou always hear that olive oil has a low smoke point, but that’s bogus, Dr. Wang says. Clocking in at a sturdy 391F, olive oil has a fine smoke point for many cooking styles, according to the Olive Center. Two thirds of the top selling brands that the Olive Center tested were found to be rancid.

Myth: “Pure” olive oil is bestOn the same survey, nearly half of respondents said olive oil labeled “pure” was best. But that term “pure” actually means a blend of refined and virgin oils,nikefreeflyknitaustralia falling lower on the grade scale than extra virgin. (And while we’re clarifying terms, let’s define “refining”: It’s the process by which inferior olive oil is made edible. Yuck.),Myth: “Light” olive oil has fewer caloriesNope, light isn’t the diet friendly oil choice. It just refers to refined oil that has a lighter flavor not caloric load. Choose extra virgin to get the most antioxidants, Dr. Wang says. Next,The information presented on this website is not intended as specific medical advice and is not a substitute for professional medical treatment or diagnosis. Read our Medical Advice Notice.



Olive Us tempts the taste buds,We first sampled olive oil with a friend a few years ago down in nike afterpay Washington. We nike blazer low found ourselves packing our pantry with olive oil,” said Morine. “We were hooked.Olive Us offers an enormous variety of olive oils. They have three different categories for each oil; infused, fused and single varietal.The infused oils are extra virgin olive oils that are infused with essential oils of herbs or plants.Fused oils are olives crushed with whole fruit or peppers to make the oil. Also known as the Agrumato Method.Single varietals are early harvest, first extraction extra virgin olive oil, basically fresh fruit juice.


There is so much more to olive oil than something to dip bread rolls in.It’s almost endless the amount of foods you can put the oils on,” said Cody. “We have a butter oil for popcorn, fruit oils you can add to yogurt or water and plenty of herbs and spices for pasta dishes.Oils are kept in special containers called fusti.nikefree5australia It is essential to keep the oil in the proper lighting and temperature to prolong its lifespan.The fusti have pouring nozzles for taste testing. Interaction is encouraged.Each container has a fusti tag with the nutritional benefits to the oil. Olive Us only sells ultra premium oils.Olive oils contain monounsaturated fats, those are the good kind. They lower bad cholesterol and help raise good cholesterol.

“We fell in love with the flavour first. When we found out all the health benefits that olive oil brings we took it as a bonus,” said Morine.Olive oils are perfect for people with heart conditions and diabetes. It’s even a great idea to cook for your kids with olive oil to get them off to a healthy start in life,” said Cody.Olive Us also offers gourmet pasta, pappardelle’s pasta, from Colorado. Gluten free pasta is offered and is said to be very flavourable. The dinner dish is completed with Olive Us’ selection of sea salts.The salts are ideal for topping pasta dishes, as a rub for barbecue meats, seasoning in eggs and potatoes or even to sprinkle in espresso.All you need to do is pick a oil, cook some of our pasta, add some salt and that’s a flavourful meal in 20 minutes or less. You can add chicken or grilled vegetables if you want to,” said Morine.



It is almost overwhelming to know how to cook with all the different flavours on display. That’s why Morine and Cody have reached out to the public to help educate.Oliver breaks Golden Eagles’ rushing record,So, when the nike air max 95 speedy junior tailback had 202 yards on his first eight carries against Bald Eagle Area and 272 yards at the half, he knew he had a shot at Jones’ record of 314 during the 2000 season.With his team leading by an unexpected 35 points at the half Tyrone coach Steve Guthoff was only giving his starters one series in second half of the mercy rule game. Oliver took advantage by churning out 70 yards on three carries to finish with 342 nike creed yards and six touchdowns on 18 carries in a 54 6 romp to spoil homecoming night at Alumni Stadium.


It means a lot,” Oliver said of the record. “I did my research on Jesse, and I thought that I wanted to break one of his records. feeling that I actually did is undescribable. I could’t have done it without my fullback, and I definitely couldn’t have done it without my line. They made the holes for me to actually get the yards, so they deserve all the thanks.Oliver, the area’s leading rusher with 1,209 yards and 18 touchdowns on 108 carries , did allow some of the credit to come his way when he talked about mental approach to the game after a sub 100 yard rushing performance last week against Bellefonte.I’ve never been so focused,” he said. “It definitely made me realize there are teams that can stop me, but I my goal is I want them to know they can’t stop me.”Oliver served noticed on his first carry on the field turf that nike casual shoes this was going to be his night, churning out 21 yards. He finished off the 58 yard drive with a 2 yard run.



Tyrone (4 2), which amassed 538 yards, got it right back when Ben Makdad intercepted Cole Long.nikestefanjanoskimaxaustralia Four plays later, Oliver scampered into the end zone on nike drink bottle a 35 yard run. The Eagles responded with a Nate Sharkey 1 yard TD run with 3:07 left in the first quarter.On the first play of the second quarter, Oliver scored on a 21 yard run. He got the ball back at his own 9 after the defense recovered a fumble on a long pass play. Oliver got the ball, cut to the outside and outraced everybody to the end zone. With Seth Umholtz’s PAT, the Eagles were up, 27 6.Charles Wilson Adams had a good hook block,” Oliver said. “I saw it and just cut back to the outside, and I kind of coasted from there.”

BEA got to the Tyrone 3 on the ensuing drive following a Dakota Bartley 71 yard run, but the defense prevented a score. Tyrone then went on an 11 play, 97 yard drive that ended with Oliver scoring from 5 yards out.Tyrone wasn’t done scoring. BEA was at the Tyrone 19 with time running out, but Wilson Adams picked off Long at the goal line and returned the ball to his 32. On the last play of the half, Tyrone QB Erik Wagner, who was picked off twice in the first half, threw a dart to Corey Snyder for a 68 yard TD pass as time expired. Wagner threw for 125 yards in the first half.Erik is a cool customer,” Guthoff said. “Regardless of what’s going in the game, he has that demeanor that you want to have in a quarterback. He’s poised and he doesn’t get shaken. More and more we’re leaving some things in his hands to do.


Wisconsin is one of only 10 states that automatically consider 17 year olds as adults. A Wisconsin Legislative Audit Bureau study found that only 1 in 20 arrests of 17 year olds are for a serious crime; 1 in 50 are for violent offenses. Those will still be handled in the adult system, and the court can still waive a 17 year old into adult court.The study also found that youths placed in adult prison re offend upon release at higher rates than youth placed in the juvenile system or even older adults. In fact, juveniles in the adult system re offend at twice the rate of adults.

We can and should be tough on crime, but flushing away the future of a 17 year old who is not considered an adult by nike customise any other measure without giving them a second chance seems barbaric.It’s time Wisconsin changes its position. The bill has the support of former governors Tommy Thompson, who signed the 1996 legislation into law, and Jim Doyle, who was the attorney general at the time. Other supporters of the change include the State Bar of Wisconsin, the State Public Defender, Wisconsin Council on Children and Families and others.



There is mounting evidence from studies done in other states that changed to keeping 17 year olds in the juvenile system that it actually reduces crime and victimization.nikeflyknitraceraustralia While the cost of incarceration in the juvenile system is higher, measuring the long term cost on society and families must be considered.You’re talking to a mom who lost her child,” Gunderson said when asked about the cost. “I know there has to be something for the funding, but what dollar value are we nike careers putting on a life?


Oliver broke the record on his first carry of the second half, going 45 yards to the BEA 25. He followed that with a 14 yard run and an 11 yard TD run.We told them you have one series,” Guthoff said, “and that’s what we always did with coach [John] Franco. We said ‘Hey, if you’re going to do it, then you’re going to have to do in the first series.’ The offensive linemen really got on board.cheapnikeaustralia They wanted to be part of that.The Golden Eagles have scored 227 points (56.7 points per game) in their four game winning streak, and their latest was a quality BEA team that was 4 1 coming into Friday.It was an important game from all different aspects,” nike careers Guthoff said. “We did beat some teams who are struggling right now, but last nike cap week, we felt we played a quality Bellefonte team [a 48 10 win], and we do have a lot of respect for Bald Eagle. The big thing was keeping the guys together in the first couple weeks and for them to understand we’ve got some different people, and it’s just going to take some time.”



One of those is Oliver, who is in his first year as a starter after playing behind Christian Getz last season. He was given the game ball by Guthoff afterward.Oliver carries Golden Eagles past Heights,The 5 10, 189 pounder, who runs the 40 yard dash in 4.3 seconds, showcased that speed in a big way on two occasions Saturday night, scampering 42 yards to set up Tyrone’s first touchdown in the third quarter, and racing 52 yards for the go ahead score in the fourth quarter, as the Golden Eagles trimmed Cambria Heights, 14 7 in a District 6 AA quarterfinal playoff game at Gray Veterans Memorial Field.Tyrone’s defense also came up big on several occasions, enabling the fourth seeded Eagles (8 3) to punch their ticket into next Friday night’s District 6 AA semifinal round game against undefeated top seed Richland (11 0). at Richland’s Herlinger Field.

Oliver’s decisive touchdown came on a 52 yard bolt off left tackle with 10:28 remaining in regulation. He made the run on the first play from scrimmage after senior Seth Welch had returned a Heights kickoff to the Eagles’ 48.The linemen opened a hole for me, I saw it, and I just took off,” Oliver said of his game winning jaunt. coach Steve Guthoff said that Oliver is the type of back for whom teammates enjoy blocking.Our other players feel real good about blocking for James, because they know he can always break something,” Guthoff said. “He’s our workhorse, and in crunch time, we want him carrying the ball.


Oliver the Mirror region’s leading rusher this season with 1,849 yards picked up 175 yards on 26 carries Saturday. His 42 yard burst through nike air force 1 the middle of the field in the third quarter was the biggest play on Tyrone’s first scoring drive,nikeheaven a 71 yard, nine play march that senior quarterback Erik Wagner capped with a 2 yard touchdown run 2:32 before the close of the third quarter that put the Eagles ahead, 7 0.Our linemen made a hole for me near the line of scrimmage, and when that hole closed, [senior fullback] Corey Snyder opened another hole for me downfield,” Oliver said.Defensively, except for a secondary lapse that paved the way for Cambria Heights’ only touchdown senior quarterback Nathan Bearer’s 19 yard play fake scoring throw to wide open senior wideout Andrew Brawley with 10:49 left in the fourth quarter the Golden Eagles registered a strong performance.



The defense did a generally nice job,” Guthoff said. “We did have a couple breakdowns in the secondary, though, and you can’t have that at this time of the year.After Oliver’s go ahead touchdown run, Tyrone senior defensive back Charles Wilson nike casual shoes Adams came up with a touchdown saving tackle on defense following Bearer’s 25 yard completion down the middle to Brawley. Brawley had a step on Tyrone’s defense before Wilson Adams corraled him by the ankles and brought him down at the Eagles’ 25.It proved to be a game saver, as Heights’ march was stopped when Tyrone senior defensive back Josh Fetters intercepted a tipped Bearer pass at the Eagles’ 10 moments later.

Charles saved our rear ends on that tackle,” Guthoff said of Wilson Adams. “That’s as plain as you can say it. He’s a four year veteran, it’s playoff time, and he really stepped up there.Cambria Heights, which closed a 6 5 season with its first berth in the District 6 playoffs since 1998, kept on fighting until the end. Tyrone stuffed a fourth and one situation when senior tackle Maverick Mills led a surge of defenders who stopped standout Heights senior back Tyler Crawford in his tracks near midfield in the final minutes. Tyrone was then able to run out the clock.Heights played inspired football despite injuries to two key two way starting seniors, Ben Myers (thumb) and Donnie Contorchick (leg). Myers was out of Saturday’s game altogether, and Contorchick played only sparingly. Bearer completed nine of 18 passes for 126 yards, and Crawford rushed for 86 yards on 22 carries.


Games are Sterba’s preferred pursuits at the Village, especially Rummikub, a rummy like game played with tiles instead of cards, and euchre.”Rummikub is very challenging, very good for the brain,” said Jan Pohlman, nike air force 1 activity and volunteer coordinator at the Village.Sterba, who outlived two husbands Elmer Wendorf and Charles Sterba in 52 total years of marriage and has several stepgrandchildren, said she wouldn’t do anything differently if she got a life do over.O’Flaherty indicated that she would fish even more than she did at the secret spot she had on the Mississippi River near Wabasha. “Walleyes usually don’t like to bite during the daytime just night and early morning. But I found that spot and caught all I wanted.”O’Flaherty moved to Caledonia, Minn., when she married her husband, Joseph, who had a hardware store there.

I married an Irishman, and I’m 100 percent German,” she said with a smile.I married him because he was the best worker I could find anywhere around.”When something needed to be done, he’d do it, so I said, ‘He’d be a good husband.’ I knew a good worker when I saw him,” she said.The O’Flahertys had two children, Gerard, who is an attorney in La Crosse, and Helen, who taught at Fordham University about 20 years ago.O’Flaherty said she enjoys exercising and chair dancing, reminiscent of one of her favorite pastimes with her husband.

Oleanna resonates as it returns to local stage,The play opened up a whole new can of worms and continues to be staged to this day because of its subject matter and the way it is handled: a no holds barred battle between the sexes in a politically correct society.The one man/one woman production is the latest play directed by Matt Brown of The Hub Arts Collective, and the subject matter, he says, still hits close to nike magista home 20 years later.It’s a long time since I touched this play, and this time I looked at it with fresh eyes,” said Brown, adding he thought of the 2012 Deborah Ashton case, where Ashton, a former Vernon elementary school teacher and vice principal, was acquitted on five counts of allegedly having a sexual relationship with a former student.



In Oleanna, it’s the power struggle between John, the university professor, and his student, Carol, that explodes when Carol accuses him of sexual exploitation and, by doing so, spoils his chances of being accorded tenure.(The audience) is going to feel the violation for both the characters in the play. It has to be that way for it to be successful. We will have time to work through that feeling and hopefully everyone will understand it’s part of the art,” said Brown.

This also isn’t the first time Oleanna has been staged in Vernon. It was first seen at Powerhouse Theatre in 2000.nikecortezultraaustralia Directed by Monty Hughes, who is also helming The Last of the Red Hot Lovers, currently on stage at Powerhouse (see page B6 for a review), Oleanna won best production at the Okanagan Zone (O Zone) Drama Festival and went on to compete at Theatre BC’s Mainstage Festival that year.Brown is hoping for a repeat result as Oleanna is the North Okanagan’s only entry into this year’s O Zones.


Starring Chris Froese as the professor and Ashley Plomp as Carol, the play is also the first dramatic production to be produced by The Hub, besides children’s musical theatre, and is also the first time The Hub Arts Collective has been part of the O Zone festival, which this year is being hosted by none other than Powerhouse Theatre in Vernon.There is a story behind the play in that it got pulled from the O Zones due to a producing change. But for me it was supposed to happen. It was a bump in the road nike bottle and in 26 hours, we thought of things fast for us to be able to stay in the O Zones,” said Brown. “We’ve worked hard for this. As the host theatre is not entering a play into the festival this year, Brown, who directed both the O Zone and Mainstage best production winner, The Woman in Black (also starring Froese) for Powerhouse last year, says he seized the opportunity to direct a production at The Hub.



“This is our first production put on by us, but it was Powerhouse that brought us together,” said Brown, who recently directed Becky’s New Car for Powerhouse and also helmed nike drink bottle 2011’s Lend me a Tenor, which featured both Froese and Plomp.Without an army of volunteers, Brown is being assisted by Kristine Larsen and Starling Taylor to get the show stage ready. Together, they are working tirelessly on all that needs to be done, including the stage direction, set design, props, lighting, sound, etc.We put a lot of thought into what would work to put on the show in The Hub and later at Powerhouse for the O Zones. It needs to be transferable,” said Larsen, who designed this set and also recently worked on set design for Powerhouse’s Becky’s New Car, with Cara Dunn. “The play needs to be kept confined and close.

The script is a gift, but is also a tough read for an actor upon first glance, as Brown says Froese found out when he first started reading it.Chris said ‘give me 41 pages of random numbers and I have a better chance of memorizing that,'” said Brown, adding the challenge of directing Oleanna has also been harder than handling the dark material that was The Woman in Black. “Although Woman in Black was more lengthy, it was linear. (Mamet) writes in this conversational street dialogue. The characters change their minds mid sentence and talk over each other.You don’t have to imagine the manipulation that goes on between these two characters. You could see it as a courtroom drama,nikecortezaustralia but here we see all the tension between them in how they talk and react with each other.”