How does it work? PCBs are crazy for fat, and when you consume olestra or other fats, the chemicals grab onto it with enthusiasm. But “unlike other fats, olestra is not digested, and therefore isn’t absorbed into the body after it’s consumed. In other words,nikerosheflyknitaustralia when olestra makes its (unpleasant) exit, the PCBs are happy to go with it.Still, Pringles clearly aren’t a superfood, and olestra’s ability to help sweep away lipid loving substances means it can also deplete the body’s stores of fat soluble nutrients like vitamins A, D, E, and K, says registered dietician Michelle Dudash. Plus, there are healthier ways to avoid PCBs, which are found mostly in large, fatty fish (the chemicals were banned in 1979, but are still found in the water).


More from Prevention: The Cleanest Packaged Snack Foods You Can Buy,The information presented on this website is not intended as specific medical advice and is not a substitute for professional medical treatment or diagnosis. Read our Medical Advice Notice.Olga Berggolts Will Not Be Forgotten,Maria Fyodorovna Berggolts, 89, is the only surviving family member of poet and blockade era radio voice, Olga Berggolts. Puttering among the books cluttering her intelligentsia style apartment with a view of the Neva River, she endlessly recites, with heartfelt intonation and longing, the hundreds of her sister’s poems that she knows by heart.Listening to her at these moments it is easy to imagine the voice of her sister, Olga, born in 1910, nike backpack broadcasting on the one working radio station during the blockade of Leningrad, a solitary familiar voice that many survivors have reported literally kept them alive during those dark and lean days.

From her microphone straight into the barricaded apartments of the besieged city, Olga read her own poems and those of other poets, delivered news about bombings or fires in the city, and, above all, encouraged the besieged Leningraders to hold on to their last hope of life.She was always admonishing us,” Maria said of her older sister in an interview with The St. Petersburg Times.She forbade us from getting lice, telling us nike boots to wash our hair even when there was no warm water and it was 40 degrees below zero outside.I think Olga meant for us not only to fight against lice, but for the whole idea [of surviving],” Maria continued. “As long as you were strong enough to wash your hair, even if you were starving, you would survive.


As I brought him down, I tried to rake at the ball to get it out. I didn’t know I did it until everybody was cheering. It was a good moment,” Plummer said. “We were definitely trying to keep our composure in the last minutes of the game. It was getting hectic. might have been a confidence building win for the Knights, but they came in with a lot of confidence, too.We feel like we’re a better team than anyone that we’re matched up with. All of us are coming together as a group. We’re a veteran group,” Wortmon said. “We really showed the world what we can do.Making a name for UCF seems like it was a rallying cry for the Knights.

We definitely played with a chip on our shoulders. I know I do,” Bortles said. “We didn’t have the [scholarship] offers from Penn State and the big schools.nikeairmaxtnsaustralia When we come here and play, we want to make sure they know we can play with them.A member of the fledgling American Athletic Conference with most of the old Big East football schools, UCF struck a blow for the little guys on Saturday, but also sent a message that they might be the next little big guy itself.This is probably the biggest win since I’ve been here,” Plummer said, “but we’ve got many more to come. We take this as a steppingstone that we’re coming.



Olestra May Help Rid The Body Of Toxins,Last time most of us heard about olestra, it was because people who ate the ingredient in low fat chips and other snack foods nike background were getting the, um, runs. Now, the fat substitute is in nike basketball the spotlight again but this time for doing something good.Eating olestra can help rid the body of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), a class of chemicals known to negatively affect the endocrine, reproductive, and nervous systems. In a small University of Cincinnati study, PCBs left participants’ bodies faster in those who snacked on Pringles that contained olestra compared to those who snacked on Pringles containing vegetable oils.


UCF already had some nice wins to its credit under O’Leary it had a bowl win against Georgia but a road win of this magnitude kind of had eluded the Knights, although there were a couple of close calls.It’s the biggest [win] since I’ve been there,” O’Leary said. “I think right now, at the stage of program that we’re at, I think you can build on a win like this.You play a storied program like Penn State, the tradition they have, the crowd they have, it’s a tough place to play. I’ll tell you, we had that lion roaring all week at our field house, and it wasn’t as loud as it was here. I thought Bortles handled the noise extremely well. ran a pretty clean game from an execution standpoint.



The Knights never looked like they were nike customise outclassed athletically or intimidated by the Nittany Lions, driving 89 yards on 13 plays nike downshifter 7 for a touchdown after taking the opening kickoff. When Penn State answered, Storm Johnson promptly gave UCF the momentum and the lead back with a 58 yard run down the visiting sideline. Wortmon, who caught seven passes for 101 yards, including a diving 5 yard touchdown grab and a 44 yard gainer.By the middle of the third quarter, the Knights had a 28 10 lead. niketnsaustralia They finished with 507 yards against a defense that had performed exceptionally in its first two games. UCF had 289 yards at halftime.We wanted to come up here and get respect, and that’s what we did. Coach O’Leary said we didn’t just want to come up here to have a good game,” said Johnson, who finished with 117 yards on 17 carries. “I’m proud of my guys. We played hard. When it got tough, we didn’t fold.”

And UCF did that without left tackle Torrian Wilson, who was injured. Chris Martin moved over from right tackle, but Penn State couldn’t get much pressure on Bortles, who wasn’t sacked, while the Knight rushers found plenty of room to run through.Our offensive line protected very well. They gave him a chance to step up inside and throw the ball, which is why we had some big plays there,” O’Leary said. “There were a lot of big plays offensively on both sides.The biggest defensive play was turned in by Knight middle linebacker Terrance Plummer, who forced Penn State running back Zach Zwinak to fumble at the UCF 27 with 5:43 left and the Lions trailing by 10. UCF’s Sean Maag recovered, enabling his team to run nearly 2 more critical minutes off the clock.




O’Leary show how smaller schools level field,O’Leary relaxed, sat back and nike id smiled as nike slides he answered.Yes,” he exclaimed.O’Leary and his Knight players were all positive from there. But they might want to get used to having higher expectations from the outside after they beat Penn State in Beaver Stadium 34 31 on Saturday night.I think it’s huge to beat a team like Penn State, which is such a great opponent. It was such a great atmosphere to play in. We just couldn’t be more happy,” said Knights quarterback Blake Bortles, who carved the Nittany Lion defense up to the tune of 20 of 28 passing for 288 yards and three touchdowns.

Fans might need to get used to it, too. More and more of the “smaller schools” seem to be finding ways to compete with the big dogs these days. Look at the waves FCS schools have made this year, following up on the success of Boise State and other smaller Division I programs against tradition big conference powers in recent seasons. Penn State has fallen to Houston and Ohio in the last three years, teams Lion fans in the past would have taken to be automatic wins.Already this season UCF had beaten Akron by 31 points. Akron took Michigan down to the last play on Saturday before losing to the Wolverines.I think what’s happened now with the 25 scholarship [per year limit] is that everybody has skilled athletes,” O’Leary said. “The teams that separate themselves are the teams with the dominant offensive and defensive linemen. They’re the top 10 teams.”

UCF actually is well equipped to make a big move up. The school that began as a technological college in response to the United States’ growing space program in the 1960s has the second largest enrollment in the country next to Arizona State. It is located smack dab in the middle of a metropolitan area in the center of a state that produces enough Division I football talent to keep three big time programs perennial top 25 residents and a couple of others competitive.nikeairmax90australia We knew they were going to be big. We knew we’d be faster,” Bortles said matter of factly. “We knew we’d be able to get outside and make plays happen. It’s what we practiced all week, and we executed it.


Starring Chris Froese as the professor and Ashley Plomp as Carol, the play is also the first dramatic production to be produced by The Hub, besides children’s musical theatre, and is also the first time The Hub Arts Collective has been part of the O Zone festival, which this year is being hosted by none other than Powerhouse Theatre in Vernon.There is a story behind the play in that it got pulled from the O Zones due to a producing change. But for me it was supposed to happen. It was a bump in the road and in 26 hours, we thought of things fast for us to be able to stay in the O Zones,” said Brown. “We’ve worked hard for this. As the host theatre is not entering a play into the festival this year, Brown, who directed both the O Zone and Mainstage best production winner, The Woman in Black (also starring Froese) for Powerhouse last year, says he seized the opportunity to direct a production at The Hub.

“This is our first production put on by us, but it was Powerhouse that brought us together,” said Brown, who recently directed Becky’s New Car for Powerhouse and also helmed 2011’s Lend me a Tenor, which featured both Froese and Plomp.nikeairmaxzeroaustralia Without an army of volunteers, Brown is being assisted by Kristine Larsen and Starling Taylor to get the show stage ready. Together, they are working tirelessly on all that needs to be done, including the stage direction, set design, props, lighting, sound, etc.We put a lot of thought into what would work to put on the show in The Hub and later at Powerhouse for the O Zones. It needs to be transferable,” said Larsen, who designed this set and also recently worked on set design for Powerhouse’s Becky’s New Car, with Cara Dunn. “The play needs to be kept confined and close.



The script is a gift, but is also a tough read for an actor upon first glance, as Brown says Froese found out when he first started reading it.Chris said ‘give me 41 pages of random numbers and I nike background have a better chance of memorizing that,'” said Brown, adding the challenge of directing Oleanna has also been harder than handling the dark material that was The Woman in Black. “Although Woman in Black was more lengthy, it was linear. (Mamet) writes in this conversational street dialogue. The characters change their minds mid sentence nike customise and talk over each other.You don’t have to imagine the manipulation that goes on between these two characters. You could see it as a courtroom drama, but here we see all the tension between them in how they talk and react with each other.”


Games are Sterba’s preferred pursuits at the Village, especially Rummikub, a rummy like game played with tiles instead of cards, and euchre.”Rummikub is very challenging, very good for the brain,” said Jan Pohlman, activity and volunteer coordinator at the Village.Sterba, who outlived two husbands Elmer Wendorf and Charles Sterba in 52 total years of marriage and has several stepgrandchildren, said she wouldn’t do anything differently if she got a life do over.O’Flaherty indicated that she would fish even more than she did at the secret spot she had on the Mississippi River near Wabasha. “Walleyes usually don’t like to bite during the daytime just night and early morning. But I found that spot and caught all I wanted.”O’Flaherty moved to Caledonia, Minn., when she married her husband, Joseph, who had a hardware store there.

I married an Irishman, and I’m 100 percent German,” she said with a smile.I married him because he was the best worker I could find anywhere around.”When something needed to be done, he’d do it, so I said, ‘He’d be a good husband.’ I knew a good worker when I saw him,” she said.The O’Flahertys had two children, Gerard, who is an attorney in La Crosse, and Helen, who taught at Fordham nike dfo brisbane University about 20 years ago.O’Flaherty said she enjoys exercising and chair dancing, reminiscent of one of her favorite pastimes with her husband.

Oleanna resonates as it returns to local stage,The play opened up a whole new can of worms and continues to be staged to this day because of its subject matter and the way it is handled: a no holds barred battle between the sexes in a politically correct society.nikehuaracheblackaustralia The one man/one woman production is the latest play directed by Matt Brown of The Hub Arts Collective, and the subject matter, he says, still hits close to home 20 years later.It’s a long time since I touched this play, and this time I looked at it with fresh eyes,” said Brown, adding he thought of the 2012 Deborah Ashton case, where Ashton, a former Vernon elementary school teacher and vice principal, was acquitted on five counts of allegedly having a sexual nike bum bag relationship with a former student.



In Oleanna, it’s the power struggle between John, the university professor, and his student, Carol, that explodes when Carol accuses him of sexual exploitation and, by doing so, spoils his chances of being accorded tenure.(The audience) is going to feel the violation for both the characters in the play. It has to be that way for it to be successful. We will have time to work through that feeling and hopefully everyone will understand it’s part of the art,” said Brown.

This also isn’t the first time Oleanna has been staged in Vernon. It was first seen at Powerhouse Theatre in 2000. Directed by Monty Hughes, who is also helming The Last of the Red Hot Lovers, currently on stage at Powerhouse (see page B6 for a review), Oleanna won best production at the Okanagan Zone (O Zone) Drama Festival and went on to compete at Theatre BC’s Mainstage Festival that year.Brown is hoping for a repeat result as Oleanna is the North Okanagan’s only entry into this year’s O Zones.