But before the war, Olga had problems with the Communist Party, her sister said. Originally an idealistic activist, she was ousted from the party in the 1930s and even jailed by the NKVD, forerunner to the KGB, for a year for “unreliability to the party.” Olga was bereft without the party, said Maria, alone and shunned.Olga was pregnant with her third child when the NKVD swooped down in 1937 and arrested her. She was questioned and tortured, her sister said, and eventually gave birth to a stillborn child. It would have been her third after Irina, from her first short marriage nike careers to the poet Boris Kornilov, and Maya, from her second marriage to literary scholar Mikhail Molchanov.



Olive Oil Myths,Marinate on this:You might think you know a lot about olive nike discount code oil, but your favorite heart healthy pan slicker is more complex than it looks. Not only is olive oil one of the most fradulent foods, but we often don’t even know how the basics, like how to tell the good from the bad.We caught up with Selina Wang, PhD, research director at the University of California, Davis Olive Center, who helped us debunk the biggest olive oil misconceptions.nikerosherunaustralia Do you slip up on these 8 common olive oil myths?

Myth: Supermarket olive oil is fresh”A lot of times, when the imported oil gets to us, it’s 3 years old,” says Dr. Wang. Time degrades the healthy compounds think of it as fresh squeezed juice from the olive fruit that’s better consumed sooner rather than later. Look for brands that include a harvest date to ensure freshness. It’s advice that’s familiar and totally wrong. “It’s completely crazy,” Dr. Wang says. Fresh, high quality oil actually has a higher smoke point, so it’s important to cook with the freshest.Myth: You can tell a good olive oil by its colorColor’s got nothing to do with quality. But half of the respondents in a UC Davis Olive Center survey of more than 2,000 consumers were sure that they could tell a good oil by its hue. Who can blame them, when the pretty elixir comes in such fancy clear bottles?